januari 22, 2018

Maghi Tharu festival in Bardia National Park

After worshiping, drinking, eating and dancing, the gods have been listening to our prayers. Last week we celebrated the  biggest festival of the Tharu people called […]
augustus 21, 2017

Teej festival in Bardia National Park

‘It is obvious that as a western woman I can not compete with the wonderful dance moves of the Nepali women’ For several months you can watch […]
mei 22, 2017

Trekking in Khaptad National Park

‘Undiscovered places that is what we are looking for!’ Khaptad National Park, situated in Far West Nepal, is already a few years on our bucketlist. The […]
januari 18, 2017

Meeting the Tharu Guruwa; a spiritual healer

‘The Guruwa laughs laudly when we ask him how a ghost can enter your body. It is obvious that we still have to learn a lot […]
oktober 17, 2016

Dashain festival 2016 – Bardia National Park

‘In a procession with drumplayers on the front,  the Tharu villagers walk together to the river’ The yearly biggest and longest festival of Nepal called ‘Dashain’ […]
augustus 14, 2016

Rhino spotting in Dalla – Bardia National Park

This early morning the sounds in the jungle are mysterious. Everywhere we hear the crackle of the leaves.  Is it a bird flying away or is a […]
juni 1, 2016

Night visit of wild elephants

‘By shouting and using fire torches the people try to scare away the elephants’  During the night we mostly hear the peaceful sounds of nature, such […]