Keeping you and our staff healty and safe!

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide and in Nepal, the Nepal Tourism Board and the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil aviation issued in June 2020 an ‘Operational Guideline with Health Protocol for the Tourism sector’. Health and safety for our guests, staff and for ourselves has always been a priority for us and we always make sure that our kitchen, rooms and compound are very clean.  You are heartily welcome at our home, but as long as the coronavirus still has a major impact, we request to you to follow the extra measures as described below. These measures are valid from October 1, 2020.

  • We wear a mask when we welcome you at our compound, airport, talk with you and serve your food.
  • Our driver is wearing a mask during jeep or car transport.
  • When your are sitting inside the jeep or car we also ask you to wear a mask.
  • Wearing a mask for customers is not mandatory at our compound.
  • Wear a mask when you are traveling by public transport
  • Bring your own mask.
  • We keep 1 to 1,5 meter physical distance from you at our compound, during activities (jungle walk, jeep safari, rafting, trekking) and transport.
  • We do not shake hands, but we greet you with ‘Namaste’. 
  • Customers who are NOT traveling together as a group our family, will keep 1 meter distance from each other at our compound and during activities.
  • In a small car we transport maximum 2 passengers + 1 driver.
  • In a AC jeep we transport maximum 4 passengers +1 driver if you are traveling together as a group or family.
  • In a AC jeep we transport maximum 3 people and 1 driver if you are not traveling together or are not related to each other.
  • We use as much as possible windows for ventilation instead of air conditioning during car or jeep transport.
  • All clients will be sleeping in a single room at our home except for couples families or people who have travelled to Nepal together.
  • During camping or trekking activities, customers will also be sleeping in a single tent or room, except for couples, families or people who have travelled to Nepal together.
  • We wash our hands regularly with disinfectant soap and of course before we start to prepare and serve the food.
  • We also ask you to wash your hands regulary. You will find disinfectant soap in your room.
  • We use hand sanitizer when we enter our compound, when entering our jeep and during activities.
  • We ask you to use our or your own  hand sanitzer when you enter our compound. 
  • When you enter our jeep, the driver will also ask you to clean your hands with our hand sanitizer.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer during activities.


  • We clean the rooms deeply with disinfectant cleaning material before welcoming you.
  • We wash the bed sheets, and towels with hot water and soap.
  • We will keep each room unavailable for 1 night between guest departure and new guest arrival.
  • We clean our jeep, camping- and rafting materials with disinfectant after every trip with special attention to surfaces and objects that are touched often by passengers.
  • We do not provide a buffet system with self service.
  • We serve snacks at separate plates or bowls for each customer, so clients do not share common plates and utensils.
  • During activities we provide single lunchboxes.
  • In January 2020, we received a two star award for food safety and hygenic circumstances in our kitchen from the Government Department of Food Technology and Quality Control.
  • We request you not to enter our kitchen.


  • Upon entry we ask you to fill in your name, date of arrival and date of departure in our registration book.
  • We also keep a registration book in our jeep about passengers who entered the jeep and places where we stopped for fuel or a visit to a restaurant.
  • If you are feeling sick or if you show COVID-19 symptoms like of cough, cold, fever or shortness of breath before traveling, please stay at home.
  • If you are feeling sick during your stay with us and you have COVID-19 symptoms, please inform us and we will help you to go to a health clinic to do a PCR test and to stay in quarantine.
  • Make sure you have a travel insurance with health coverage.
  • We have a First Aid kit at our home and Budhi and Sonja followed a First Aid training from the Red Cross.
  • Our guides will bring a First Aid kit during activities.