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Virtual guided tour Nepal
Ready to discover Nepal, even though you cannot travel now? 
Experience Nepal online and support a local host

On the 24th of March 2020 Nepal announced a national lock down, due to the threat of COVID-19. From that day on international travel has been halted and it is to expect that it will take sevarl months before Nepal can welcome tourists again. It means that many people who are working in the tourism sector in Nepal have lost their jobs. Usually no job means: no income.

Together with  tour operator travel Nepal from the Netherlands, Bardia Homestay started the plaform The platform aims to connect Nepalese people working in tourism with online travelers who feel connected with or want to experience Nepal virtually. On the platform we offer virtual tours and classes to travelers who want to learn more about the nature and culture of Nepal and / or who feel connect to support  a local host and his communities. Our guides love to get back to work sharing their knowledge and passion, developing new skills and generating an income for their family. Virtual tours offer them this opportunity.

Virtual tours and classes

Travels from Europe and hosts from Western Nepal can meet eachother in a virtual tour. Experience the Tharu culture, learn about the tiger and wildlife in Bardia National Park or expand your cooking skills with a cooking class Dal Bhat. Participation and registratin is easy. 78% of the proceeds will go to the local host and his / her community.

More information about the tours you will find on this page, but check also the Website . The host is looking forward to meeting you soon!

In this class, your Nepalese cook will teach you how to make a delicious Dal Bhat that makes you feel like you are in Nepal. At the same time while he is cooking live for you, you can join him and prepare your own Dal Bhat in your own kitchen. You are going to cook the following: Rice (in Nepal we call this Bhat), Dal Fried (lentil sauce), vegetable curry, chicken curry ( if you like), tomato pickle and pappadum.

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The king of the park is the Bengal Tiger. In this webinar class, your local guide will tell you all about the tiger and his habitat which makes you feel you are on a safari inside Bardia National Park.

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In this webinar class, your local guides will you tell you all about the vegetation of the park, the wildlife and the birds which makes you feel you are on a safari inside Bardia National Park.

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During this virtual tour on Zoom,  your local Tharu guide takes you on a walk through the countryside and will tell you all about their farming methods of the local Tharu people. The subject changes depending on the season.

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During this virtual tour on facebook live, you will visit a traditional Tharu house. Your guide will tell you more about the Tharu Culture, their way of living, religion and traditions.

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