Himalaya Range Khaptad National Park (2)
Unspoiled natural beauty and remoteness in Far West Nepal
Rara Lake Rara National Park Nepal

Unspoiled natural beauty and remoteness is what the far West of Nepal has to offer you. Our home is a good base camp to discover western Nepal. You can combine a visit to Bardia National Park with a visit to Khaptad National Park, Rara Lake National Park and Shuklaphanta National Park. Or explore the beautiful Karnali – Bheri river area. You can easily spend 2-3 weeks in West Nepal. We can help you to explore this unknown part of Nepal and for sure you will have a unique and memorable journey. Get inspired by our 5-16 days Tours Bardia National Park & West Nepal 

If you are looking for a remote and authentic trekking with hardly any tourists, Khaptad National Park is your place to go. Situated in the far West of Nepal it covers an area of 225 km² and a mountain landscape between 1,400 meters and 3,300 meters above sea level. It is blessed with a rolling plateau of grasslands, ponds and a variety of vegetation types, ranging from subtropical forests at the lower altitudes to temperate forests around the plateau.  From Bardia Homestay you can reach the park in only 10 hours by jeep.

Rara National Park is the smallest national park in Nepal,  situated in the Mugu and Jumla districts. It might be small but her beauty is enchanting. The main feature is Rara Lake which is situated at an altitude of 2,990 meter. It is Nepal’s largest lake with a surface of 10.8 km² and a maximum depth of 167 m. The lake changes her colours all the time with the white peaks of the Himalaya on the background. There are several ways to reach the park (by plane, jeep, motorbike, feet or horse). For every kind of traveller we offer options to visit the park.

Shuklaphanta National Park  is a protected area in Far West Nepal. Open grassland, forests, riverbeds and tropical wetland offer a perfect habitat for birds and the endangered swamp deer. In recent years, the tiger population has also grown to 36 animals. If you are lucky you can also spot a Leopard. The national park is only a 4 hours drive away from our home.

The best time to visit

Between mid-September to December and March till May is the best time to visit Khaptad and Rara National Park. From December to February the winter kicks in and temperatures drop. Both national parks will be covered with snow and trails are not accessible. Between June and September the monsoon brings lots of rain and makes the trek to both parks difficult.

Shuklaphanta National Park can be best visited from September to mid-December and from February to end of May.

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights 

From our home the park can be reached in 4 hours by jeep. On day one, you will make a stop to walk around Godha Godhi lake to spot birds. At the end of the day you will visit the Dodhari Chandani Bridge (near Shuklaphanta National Park), one of the longest suspension bridges in Nepal. On the second day, a full day jeepsafari is the best way to explore the park and to visit many view points in the park. A great trip especially for bird lovers. On day three you will drive back to Bardia Homestay and you will stop at Chisapani bridge to enjoy the views on the Karnali river. But you can also travel to India or to Khaptad National Park. We can make a custom made itinerary for  you.

jeepsafari Shuklaphanta wildlife reserve

Duration: 7 days/6 nights (longer is possible) 

Trekking grade: B (moderate)

This is a trekking for hikers who love peace and quietness. The park is unique in its number of flowering and herbal plant species, birds, butterflies and offers a habitat for many mammels like wild boar, porcupines, the Himalayan black bear and the leopard. Besides its natural beauty the park is popular for spiritual retreats and experiences. The higher view points in the park will offer you great views on the white peaks of the Himalaya.

The main gateway to Khaptad National is Silgadi in Doti District. From here it is 2 hours by jeep to the entrance gate of the park.  From our home you can reach this place in only 10 hours. On the way you will enjoy the mountain scenery.

You will sleep in simple lodges or homestays run by friendly Nepali hosts. The total walking distance of a 7 days / 6 nights trip is 60 – 80 km.  We can make a custom made trip based on your wishes, available time, condition, budget and trekking experience.  Get inspired by or book our 11 days / 10 nights itinerary Bardia and Khaptad National Park Read also our blog ‘Trekking in Khaptad National Park’

Duration: 5 to 11 days

Trekking grade:  A (easy) B (moderate) and  C (challenging)  

The park ranges in elevation from 1800 meter to 4039 meter. The viewpoints from Chuchmare Peak ( 4039 meter) and Murma top (3700 m) are amazing. From here you look down on Rara Lake and you will see the white peaks of the Himalaya range. If you are lucky you can spot wildlife such as musk deer,  the Himalayan black bear and the rare red panda. A visit to the park can also be combined with a trekking or jeep drive through the enchanting Sinja Valley.

The main entrance of the park is 32 km north of Jumla. There are various ways to reach the park and Rara Lake.

  • By air from Nepalgunj to Jumla and from there a 3-4 days walk or a 1 day jeep ride.
  • By air from Nepalgunj to Talcha airport and from there a 3 hours walk or horse ride.
  • The more adventurous route by road. A two days trip by jeep or motorbike starting from Bardia Homestay

We can offer you custom made itineraries (including flight, jeep, lodging, guide and porters) with a duration between 5 – 10 days starting from Nepalgunj airport or Bardia Homestay. See our 11 days / 10 nights tourThe jungle and Rara National Park’ 

Read also our blog about our first Road trip to Rara National Park

Rara Lake Rara National Park
Trekking Rara National Park Nepal

Duration: full day or multi-day trip

Only 1,5 hour up north (by jeep) from our home, outside Bardia National Park you can explore the gorgeous Karnali and Bheri river by walk, raft or with a jeep. This is an area not discovered by tourist yet and you will experience the pure and unspoiled Nepal. The friendly local people will welcome you heartily

The landscape is very varied and offers you river gorges, beautiful white beaches, rice- and wheat fields, forests, rock walls, and remote mountain villages with authentic houses made of wood and clay.  By walk you cross the river by bridges or a small wooden boat. If you go by raft you will experience some fast rapids. On the way you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the river.

Many customized one day or multi-day hiking, rafting, camping or homestay trips along this gorgeous rivers are possible.  Check our 6 days / 5 nights Tour’ Discover Bardia National Park and the countryside’ for you trip to Bardia National Park including a visit to the Karnali -Bheri river area

View on Karnali river West Nepal