jungle walk Bardia National Park
Adventures in Bardia National Park
Leopard Bardia National Park Nepal
Take your time in Bardia National Park

If you want to enjoy Bardia, don’t be in too much of a rush. You’re welcome for a short time, but we advise you to stay at least 4 to 5 days.  This gives you the opportunity to discover Bardia National Park in different ways and it will increase your chances to see the wildlife.

Customized experience

We would like to give you an individual customized experience. You can compose your own travel plan in advance with the activities mentioned on this page. It’s also possible to book only a room and on the day of arrival we talk about your wishes and we can still organize the activities you would like to enjoy. Get already inspired by our 5 to 16 days Tours Bardia National Park & West Nepal that can help you to make the best of your time in Nepal. 

Half, full or multi-day adventures 

We can organize half or full day activities like a jungle walk, jeep safari or rafting trip. For the more adventurous we offer multi-day/overnight stays in Bardia National Park and on or along the Karnali, Babai or Bheri River. which can be combined with fishing, rafting and hiking trips. Hearing the sounds of the jungle at night is a truly incredible experience. Dawn and dusk can give fantastic wildlife opportunities. Anything from 2 to 10 days is possible.

Entrance to the park without a guide is not allowed. We work with experienced and certified guides who are born and raised in Bardia and who like to share their passion for nature. For all the activities we provide permits, camping gear, transport, food and other necessities. Prices of the activities are depending on the number of participants. Do you feel the travel itch already? Please contact us for more information!

You can also explore the Tharu culture & countryside  or the unspoiled nature of Far West Nepal

Duration: half or full day

A jungle walk is a great way of seeing wildlife and birds. Nepal is the only country where this is possible by foot. Our guide knows how to spot the wildlife in a safe way by listening to the sounds of the jungle and to follow the animal footprints on the ground. You will walk along bush tracks and sit at watchtowers and riverbanks to wait for the animals to move to the river to drink. On a full day jungle walk you’ll walk around 15 to 20 kilometers.

half day jungle walk is also possible, which you can combine with a half day jeep safari.

Jungle safari Bardia National Park
jungle walk Bardia National Park Nepal

Duration: half or full day

A jeep will take you further into the jungle of Bardia, which gives you the chance to see different vegetation of the park. We will make stops at watchtowers, wildlife drinking spots and at riverbanks. You can enjoy a full or half day jeep safari.  You can combine the half day jeep safari with a half day jungle walk. Or you combine a half day raftingtrip with a half day jeep safari.

Jeep safari Bardia National Park

Duration: Half, full, or multi-day trips

Rafting gives you a wonderful opportunity to spot birds and animals on the riverbanks and you might see the rare Gangetic river dolphin.

We offer half, full, or multi-day trips on the Karnali, Geruwa, Bheri and the Babai river in- and outside the park. The water in these rivers mainly flows calmly and there are a few rapids. This makes it a perfect trip for wildlife and birdwatching. Rafting trips on the lower Karnali river inside the park are mostly possible from mid-June till the end of October when the water level is high enough. It is also possible to raft along the upper Karnali and Bheri river (See activity ‘Follow the Karnali  and Bheri river‘).

During a multi-day trip you can combine rafting with fishing on the Babai river (see activity ‘The Babai river rafting and fishing expedition’). We provide life vests and waterproof bags.

Rafting Karnali Geruwa river Bardia National park
Rafting safari Bardia National Park Nepal

Duration: full or multi-day trips

Anglers can enjoy fishing on the Karnali river, Babai river or Bheri river which offer various good fishing spots to catch catfish and mahseer. The best seasons for fishing are from October to November and February to May.

There are one day fishing opportunities on the upper Karnali river near the Chisapani bridge, or you can  combine a one day rafting trip or jeep safari with fishing on the Geruwa river.  Multi-day fishing /rafting trip are possible on the beautiful Babai river. (see activity ‘The Babai river rafting and fishing expedition’)  

We can arrange fishing permits and fishing gear for you. But of course you can also bring your own fishing gear.

Mahseer fishing Bardia National Park Nepal
Babai river mahseer fishing

Duration: half, full or multi-day

Bardiya is the habitat for more than 400 species of birds, including the endangered Bengal florican and Sarus crane. The best way to spot birds is on a jungle walk or rafting trip, during which we will go to places along the river banks. In the area you will also find the lakes and wetlands of ‘ Godha Godhi tal’, ‘Badhaiya tal’ and ‘Satakhaluwa wetland forest’,  which also offer plenty of opportunity to spot various birds The best months for birdwatching are September, November, February and April.

Sarus Crane Bardia National Park
great hornbill Bardia National Park

Duration: 2 days /1 night, (longer and custom made is possible)

There are several great camping spots inside or near the park, where you can experience the thrill of camping in the jungle. Sitting around the campfire you listen to the sounds of the jungle. During the night the camp staff will stay awake and wake you up when an animal is in the area. We provide all the required camping gear.

You can camp in the northwest part of Bardia National Park, where the Karnali river splits up in many branches. You can reach this spot only by jeep. From the camping spot you can go for a jungle walk or you can throw of your fishing rod. Other camping spots are along the Babai river.

We also offer great camping experiences near the river bank in the community forest, with a good view on the river and the forest and in the distance the roar of a tiger.

Camping Babai Valley Bardia National Park Nepal
Camping Bardia National Park

Duration: 2 days /1 night

Sleeping in a treehouse is a great and safe way of experiencing the jungle in the night. It is also fun for children. In the local community forest are connected to Bardia National Park you will find two treehouse. One offers you from the veranda a view on the grassland with an amazing sunrise and sunset views. The other treehouse is surrounded by a dense jungle. With a bit of luck, you will spot rhinos, deer and many species of birds. Sleeping in one of the treehouse can be combined with a jungle walk.

Treehouse Bardia National Park Nepal
Sunrise Treehouse Bardia National Park

Duration: 4 days /3 nights (other itineraries also possible)

This trek will lead you through the beautiful scenery of the Babai valley situated in the northeastern part of Bardia National Park. The trek starts at the Babai river dam near the Mahendra Highway and your final destination after 4 days is up north at Chepang village.

The landscape is characterized by rich biodiversity like grassland, riverine forest and sal forest. There will be good opportunities to see impressive wildlife like groups of elephants, Marsh mugger-, and Gharial crocodiles, great hornbills, sambar deers and otters.

The trek is generally flat although there are some steep hills and rivers to pass. You will sleep in tent along the riverbank in the remote parts of the jungle. The total distance of this trek is approximately 50 km. We provide camping gear, guide and porters.

Camping Babai Valley Bardia National Park Nepal
Babai Valley Bardia National Park Nepal

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights or 4 days /3 nights

This trip is for the adventurers who love to camp in the remote parts in the middle of the jungle. The Babai river flows through the northeastern part of Bardia National Park and offers good opportunities to catch the Mahseer or the catfish. During this trip you’ll also have good chances to see wildlife like elephants, crocodiles, sambar deers and otters.

From the starting point in Chepang you’ll paddle southwest on the Babai river to the Babai river dam. You will stop at different places to fish or to walk into the jungle and put up your camp for the night. If you like to spend more time in the jungle you can choose for the 4 days/3 nights trip.

Rafting Babai river valley Bardia National Park Nepal
Fishing Babai river Bardia National Park Nepal

Duration: full day or multi-day trip

Only 1,5 hour up north by jeep from our home, you can explore the gorgeous Karnali and Bheri river by walk, raft or jeep. This is an area not discovered by tourists yet and you will experience the pure and unspoiled Nepal. The friendly local people will welcome you heartily.

The landscape is very varied and offers you river gorges, white beaches, rice-and wheat fields, forests, and remote mountain villages with authentic houses made of wood and clay. By walk you cross the river by bridges or by small wooden boats. By raft you will admire the rock formations and experience some fast rapids. On the way you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the river.

Many customized one day and multi day hiking, rafting, camping and homestay trips are possible. We are happy to give you more information.

villages Karnali -Bheri river Far West Nepal
Rafting Upper Karnali Far West Nepal

Duration: 4 days/ 3 nights  

The Telpani trekking is a beautiful trek in the remote Churiya hills range north of Bardia National Park. The trail starts in Ambassa and takes you up from 250 meter to 1500 meter. From the summit Sukarmala you will see the beauty of Bardia National Park, the Karnali river and the Surkhet valley. On a clear day it’s possible to see the Himalaya on the background!

You’ll sleep in a tent or you stay with local families. The trek will end in Chisapani.  A perfect trek to experience the rural mountain life.

Telpani trekking Bardia National Park

Duration: 1 hour

Only 10 minutes walk from our home, you will find the Elephant Breeding Center, especially worth a visit after 4pm when the elephants return from grazing in the park. The domestic elephants in Bardia are mainly used for patrolling in the park and to preserve the Asian elephant.

elephant breeding centre Bardia National Park

Duration: 1- 2 hours

Situated in the park headquarters there’s a small but interesting breeding center for Marsh mugger crocodiles, Gharial crocodiles and turtles. Nearby this center lives Shivaram, the domestic Rhino, who was injured as a baby

Close to the Crocodile Breeding Center there’s a small visitor center and the Tharu museum which has a small but interesting exhibition about the customs and rituals of the Tharu people.

Marsh Mugger Crocodile Bardia National Park

Duration: full day

Close to the capital city of Bardiya district, Gulariya, you will find the blackbuck conservation area where around 200 blackbucks (a species of antelope) live. The area covers 15.95 km2 and was established in 2009 to conserve the endangered blackbuck.

A jeep will bring you in two hours from our home to this conservation area. From there you can follow different walking trails from where the blackbucks can easily be seen.


Blackbuck Bardia National Park Nepal