School shivapur Bardiya district
Support the Shree Prithvi Primary school in Shivapur

The Shree Prithvi Primary school is a small government school with about 120 students ranging from nursery class up to class 5. This school is situated in Shivapur close to our home.

Budhi is a member of the School Board which has the goal to improve the facilities like buildings and schoolmaterials. Bardia Homestay supports the school by collecting donations from our guests. In 2015 the school build a new nursery classroom. In 2016 we build a new water system for flushing the toilets which improved largely the hygienic conditions and in 2017 we bought new whiteboards.

If  you would like to support the development of childeren, you can become a volunteer in the school. You can help us with improving the facilities, play sports with the children or support the teachers by giving guestcourses in English. The children will be very welcoming and thankful and you’ll learn from each other.

Primary school Shivapur Bardiya district
Women development

Many women in the village are working hard on the rice fields, collecting wood in the forest and taking care for the household while their husbands are working abroad. A large proportion of women are poorly educated or illiterate and depending on the income of their husbands.

The women are very talented in sewing and making baskets. We can help you with buying orginal Nepali clothes (custom made) and baskets or smaller items (like a penholder) made from grass. In this way you can support the financial empowerment of the women in our village.

If you have handicraft knowledge which you would like to share, you are very much welcome to give a workshop to the women in our village.

Tharu women Bardia National Park
Earthquake support 2015 in Dhading district

The earthquake of the 25th of April 2015 killed more than 8.600 people, 16.800 people got injured and more than 750.000 houses were destroyed or damaged. Many people became homeless. We are relieved that Bardia district was not hit and that our family and friends were unharmed.

Our good friend Ganesh who lives in Bardia was raised in the village of Sundaripani in the district of Dhading where his parents still live. All the 200 houses in Sundaripani were destroyed or damaged. Budhi and Sonja decided to help Ganesh. Sonja raised 1240 euro among her friends in The Netherlands. On the 25th of May 2015 Budhi and Ganesh managed to buy 200 zinc sheets and transport them to Sundaripani. The 33 families build a small shelter, which protected them against the heavy rain during the monsoon time.

Tourism is an important source of income for many Nepali people. Many trekking routes are reopened (March 2016). So the best way to help Nepal is to visit the country now.

Dhading Sundaripani Nepal 2015